A complete step-by-step guide to create a Tekton (v0.19.0) CI/CD solution on OpenShift 4 or Kubernetes 1.16+.


The goal of this guide is to demonstrate how to install, configure, and use Tekton to automate an application’s CI/CD lifecycle by providing an in-depth, walkthrough example. Tekton is a kubernetes-based pipeline tool, currently in beta, that provides a set of CI/CD building blocks. By the end of this guide, you will have a complete Tekton-based CI/CD environment that can hopefully be modularized and expanded to solve your development’s CI/CD needs.

The pipeline yaml files provided are used to build and deploy Java…

Walkthrough examples for custom scheduling on kubernetes-based clusters

Note: This content focuses on the OpenShift 4 scheduler, though many of the concepts apply to Kubernetes and the kubectl cli as well.

You can configure an OpenShift cluster’s default scheduler to manage pod placement in a manner that is tailored for your specific environment. Most commonly, this could be to:

  • Keep strongly-coupled pods together for better performance
  • Run pods on hardware only available on some nodes
  • Deploy pods based on availability zones
  • Prevent conflicting pods from deploying to the same nodes

Simple Solutions using nodeSelector

The easiest way to schedule a pod to specific nodes is to assign the nodeSelector attribute to a…

Steele Ray Desmond

Cloud Developer, IBM

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